Public Meeting Rooms

-The Library Meeting Room
-The Trustee Conference Room
-The Children's Creativity Room
-The Silent Study Room

To download a copy of the Meeting Rooms form for a group, click here.
For just the Quiet Study Room Form (located in the Reference Section), click here.

Guidelines for Groups using Rooms

The Library welcomes community groups, charitable and commercial organizations to apply for the use of selected Library rooms and areas, as available. No use of the Library, including meeting rooms, is permitted that will interfere with effective use of the Library by the general public or the regular operation of the library.

The meeting room is to be used for the purpose described with the application. Organizations may not advocate for, or promote, religious or political doctrine or beliefs. All groups must be supervised by a responsible adult and an adult will be required to complete the application.

All meetings and programs must be free of charge. Organizations may not make a collection or charge a fee to those attending the meeting/program.

Refreshments may be served, but food may not be prepared on-site. The room must be left clean and neat after the program ends. No material may be attached to the walls for display purposes.

All programs and meetings are cancelled if the Library closes due to weather or other emergencies. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the renting organization.